The main feature of the Chung Choong method is high memory efficiency, thanks to the mnemonic device. You will learn Chinese with us 12 times faster and easier than using standard teaching methods in the world. Our team created illustrations and animations of Chinese characters, comic books, video tutorials, online games, notebooks, stickers, and flashcards. All these Chung Choong materials contribute to instant memorization and efficient learning of the Chinese language and culture.

What makes our methodology


Illustrations of Chinese characters

With Chung Choong illustrations you can easily learn more than 300 Chinese characters in a couple of months.
For example: Here is the hieroglyph máng 忙, translated as "busy". According to the usual method, you will train simply, boring and difficult, as in the first photo. But by Chung Choong, we animated a president, who gives a fiery speech in MANGoliya. The President is always BUSY.


Our team didn’t stop at the illustrations. We have created animations for each character. According to the usual method, it seems impossible to memorize them. But using the Chung Choong method, you can learn the spelling of the character, the pronunciation, the meaning, and the character itself in a few minutes.

Video tutorials

History and culture are an integral part of language learning. We made more than 500 video lessons. We tell the history of hieroglyphs, culture, mentality, traditions of the Chinese people and much more.

Online Games

We have created Chung Choong educational online games. It brings pleasure, ease, and interest in learning.


We have drawn more than 15 series of comics, where each series is created to review previous material. The comic book is based on an exciting story and the necessary characters to study. Our students are looking forward to every episode of the comic book.

Cards with Illustrations

For an easy adaptation to the Chinese language, students use flashcards with illustrations during the lesson. On one side is the original character (in the black and white format), and on the other is our Chung Choong illustration.

Cards with meanings and examples of new words

We have developed flashcards with contextual examples of new words. This method expands vocabulary and accelerates the development of spoken language.


Specially designed Chung Choong notebooks, where are the order of writing characters, the key over each character, illustrations, translations, separated cells for easy writing.


You can stick stickers wherever you want: at home, at your Desk, in places where you often are. Everything - for the development of your memory and efficiency in learning.

Audio lessons

This is a necessary item for improving memory and developing auditory memory. Students who use the Chung Choong method start talking about the main topics after a couple of months and show good results.

Students results

About 1000 students have studied using the Chung Choong methodology at the StudyDon language academy (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan). This is Begimai. She learns Chinese for the fourth month for 4 hours a week. Check out her impressive results!

Students feedback

Watch this feedback from our students of the StudyDon language Academy. Find out what they love most about the Chung Choong!

Education in China

We provide admission to the best universities in China. Students save up to 50% of costs with Chung Choong. We care and accompany students from the very beginning of learning Chinese to their successful applying to China.

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